INOXIS Service Center is established in 2004, which allowed to widen the supplement the wide range of business our company is involved in. Today the service center is situated in a purpose-built buildings with separate areas for the different types of services – servicing and repair of engines, suspension, chassis, electrical system, rim and tire shop, paint and body shop. That allows us to provide high quality service simultaneously to several vehicles and increase the service and repair speed.

The availability of the wide range of equipment and separate compartments for all different types of repair and the highly trained technicians make the Service Center an ideal place for repairing all types of vehicle failures, including complete repair of vehicles damaged in car crashes.

Over the years we have established a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and consumable, allowing us to provide our high quality service at very attractive price.

The INOXIS Service Center is located at 19 Batak Str, Sofia (next to the Chavdar overpass).