History and main activities


INOXIS 01 Ltd. is a company established in 2001. Our main activities is focused on deliveries of different types of goods and services related various aircraft platforms, including delivery of spare parts, consumables, ground equipment, emergency and rescue equipment, lubricants and special liquids, materials for overhaul and technical maintenance of aircraft, and others.

Our company is specialized in supporting the Mi series helicopters, as well as Ka series, Augusta and Bell, as well as An, Tu Airbus, Boeing and other airplanes.

The activity of our our company relating to the delivery of spare parts and consumables for the aviation industry is under the quality management system developed and implemented by our quality control specialists and certified under ISO 9001:2015

Our company has all necessary licenses, issued by the competent export control authorities of Bulgaria, regulating the right of our company to carry out the import, export and transfer of dual-purpose and defense related materials.

The certificates may be seen here.