Paints, adhesives, coatings

Our company offers paints, adhesives, coatings manufactured by the industry leaders, providing a wide range of products for manufacturers, overhaul facilities and maintenance organizations supporting aviation equipment of aviation companies, general aviation and military aviation.

The consumables produced by AkzoNobel, Loctite, 3M, Scotch, Chemetall are just few of the whole range of products, that our company maintains in stock and can deliver with a very short lead time.


Cleaning supplies

INOXIS 01 Ltd offers a wide range of cleaning supplies and products, necessary for maintaining the high standards for cleanliness and sanitary requirements in terminals and airplanes, while providing the high quality service and comfort for passengers and crew.

Our portfolio includes cleaning products for plastic, metal and glass surfaces, leather, textile and carpets, as well as specialized sanitary supplies for aircraft galleys and toilets. We provide out clients with a wide range of cleaning supplies such as mops, towels, cloths, gloves, various containers refillable bottles, abrasive and absorption pads.

All products supplied by our company have FAA and EASA approvals and are delivered with the corresponding certificate of conformity and material safety data sheet.

Locking-wire-blue-canSafety wire

The safety wire is used for safely securing bolts, nuts and other hardware, preventing loosening of connections from vibration, as well as labeling and sealing of aggregates and blots. INOXIS 01 Ltd. has in stock safety wire 302/304 ASTM A 580, Inconel 600, Monel 400 with the following sizes:

    • 0,20″
    • 0,25″
    • 0,32″
    • 0,51″