Mi-8/17 Helicopters


The Mil Mi-8 helicopters and its modifications has proven itself as a multi-functional platform for transporting passanger, cargo, carrying out search and rescue operations, crisis management and many other operations.

This multi-functionality requires many and complex solutions for their maintenance, support and exploitation – something that INOXIS can offer to our clients.

Our capability list includes support and delivery of aggregates and units from the following systems:

  • Power plant and transmission system
  • Fuel and oil system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Fuselage, chassis, pneumatic system
  • Fire extinguishing, anti-frost, heating and ventilation systems
  • Electric and communications system
  • Lighting and warning system
  • Engine and transmission control units
  • Instruments for control of the pneumatic, fuel, hydraulic and electric systems
  • Flight and navigation instruments
  • Testing and emergency equipment
  • Control equipment
  • Radio and communications equipment

Detailed capability list for spare parts delivery, overhaul and replacement may be found here.

Our company can provide a complete capital overhaul of all modifications of the Mil Mi series helicopters as well as overhaul or pool exchange of individual components.

INOXIS 01 Ltd. is an official representative of Ural Works for Civil Aviation JSC (UWCA JSC), one of the largest aircraft repair plants in Russia, offering their services for overhaul of aviation equipment, engines, gearboxes and auxiliary power units.

Especially for the Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters our company has developed a specialized package of products and modifications for modernization of the capabilities of the helicopter during the capital overhaul process.

More detailed information regarding the modernization suite may be found here.

Specialized solutions for military and emergency search and rescue helicopters may be found here.